Broadband Help

Poor broadband performance

Check your router set up

If you find that your broadband connection is unexpectedly slow or unreliable, here are a few things for you to check

Your leads

Make sure your Sky Hubs power lead isn’t bunched together with your grey DSL cable or any Ethernet cable you might be using. The power lead can sometimes cause interference with other cables in your home network.

Your TV

If you have a plasma screen TV, it could interfere with your broadband signal. Make sure your Sky Hub isn’t positioned too closely to it. Try to leave at least three metres distance.

Your microfilters

Your microfilters need to be installed properly to get the best from your Sky Hub. If you’re not sure if they are, follow the checklist below.

Step 1

Your microfilter should be the first thing plugged into the telephone socket. If you’re connecting your Sky Hub, you should be using the master microfilter. It’s the larger of the two microfilters that came with your Sky Hub. Call Us if you’re missing any microfilters.

Order more microfilters

Step 2

If you’ve connected a Sky Hub, check that it’s plugged into the Sky Hub port on the master microfilter.

Step 3

Make sure your phone or other devices are connected to either the master or secondary microfilter using the Sky Box/Phone port.